Saturday, February 21, 2009

When will the Teeth Finally Come?

Ben is now 5 months old. Amazing how quickly the time passes. I look back at the very first pictures of Ben and I am amazed at how small he was. He is drooling like crazy and has started waking up at odd times at night - all the signs of teething are there...but, where is that stubborn tooth?
This is Ben's (and Mommy's idea) of roughing it in the cabin. Notice the nice down comforter :-)

Ben and his friend, Annie, went on a "ski trip" last weekend. This is an event that is planned once a year in Jordan's squadron. Since Jordan is currently in Las Vegas and his squadron is deployed, a small group of mostly wives still gathered to keep the tradition alive. Ben had his first outing away from home and did very well. I think he liked the distractions and new surroundings. He gets bored of just Mommy in his face all the time. We were planning to take him snowshoeing, but the weather was a little rough for the little guy. So, we had a nice time just staying warm in the cabin and socializing with friends.

I am currently trying to start Ben on some solids. So far, we have only successfully taken a few bites of rice cereal; but, with each attempt Ben seems to show some signs of improvement. This morning he even opened his mouth a couple of times on his own willingly.

As far a motor skills, Ben is sitting up by himself (with a spotter). He has the tendency to practice his yoga moves by touching his nose to his toes. That big head takes a lot of balancing.


Cheyenne and John said...

He's pretty stinkin cute!!! And I have surrendered trying to guess when things are going to happen. I'm batting zeros!!!

Rena & Brad Philips said...

Hey. According to what Brad is now calling "The Ambiguous Guide of What to Possibly Expect or Not Expect the First Year," the average age of teething is seven months, but it could be as early as three or four months or as late as 12 months and they can have the symptoms for a couple of months. In other words, they can "teeth" from one month to 30 years old! Yowser! Logan's drooling A LOT and is cranky, too, so we were wondering if it was his teeth. Maybe Ben's will get here soon!
P.S. I started one of these things:

Cheyenne and John said...

Yo- Riley wants updates on his buddy Ben. What's going on with you guys??